Knowledge Base

  1. 1. About Slader 

    1. What is Slader? What’s the point?
    2. How do I activate my account?
    3. What are Solutions?
    4. What is Q&A?
    5. What is Tutoring?
  2. 10. Academic Integrity 

    1. What if I think a solution is copied / stolen from somewhere else?
    2. What if a question is copied out of the textbook?
  3. 11. Offensive Content, Harassment, & Bullying 

    1. What if I see offensive content?
    2. What if a user is harassing me?
  4. 2. Textbooks, Solutions, & Contributions 

    1. What don’t you have my textbook?
    2. Why don’t you have solutions in my textbook?
    3. I found my textbook but there is nothing there! How can I add solutions?
    4. Can anyone submit a solution?
    5. What is an ISBN?
  5. 3. Tutoring & Seshes 

    1. Why are people asking me to tutor them!?
    2. What is the difference between a Peer Sesh and a Friend Sesh?
  6. 4. Gold 

    1. What is gold?
    2. How do I earn gold?
    3. How do you determine which books and solutions earn upfront gold?
    4. How can I redeem gold?
    5. Where is my gold total displayed?
  7. 5. Badges 

    1. What are Badges?
    2. What are Slader Scholars? How can I become one?
  8. 6. App 

    1. Does Slader have an app?
  9. 7. Solutions 

    1. How do I add a solution?
    2. How do I add a solution when I can’t see the question?
    3. What makes a solution good?
    4. My solution was rejected / sent back! What gives?
    5. I submitted a solution but it still says ‘unreviewed’. What does this mean?
  10. 9. Moderators 

    1. Who are the moderators?
  11. More Questions! 

    1. I have a question that's not answered here!
  12. Solution Ratings 

    1. What are the Star ratings?
  13. All articles 

    1. What is Slader? What’s the point?
    2. What don’t you have my textbook?
    3. Why are people asking me to tutor them!?
    4. What is gold?
    5. How can I buy gold?

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